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Seismic Analysis and Retrofits

Nystrom Modernization and Expansion
Richmond, CA
Earthquakes are a fact of life in California, occurring with regularity throughout the State. In response, Interactive Resources provides seismic analysis for new construction, building acquisitions and renovation projects, as well as retrofit design for existing structures.

Since the firm’s inception, Interactive Resources has performed more than 250 seismic evaluations and design upgrades on public and private buildings, and has gained a comprehensive knowledge of the specific safety requirements of the Bay Area and the communities within the region. Our structural engineering department has extensive experience in the seismic and structural reinforcement of older buildings, as well as in the design and incorporation of seismic safety standards in new buildings.

We have provided seismic bracing and structural upgrades of such well-known structures as Candlestick Park for the City and County of San Francisco, the Benicia Clock Tower in Benicia, and the Maclise Drugstore Building in Oakland.

Before entering into a commitment to a construction or building acquisition program, it is critical to identify and assess factors that could threaten a project’s financial viability. Seismic risk analysis is key to sound decision-making in building development, investment and real estate financing. The physical performance of buildings subjected to seismic forces can vary widely, regardless of code compliance. Building codes provide a minimum level of life safety performance and do not assure damage limitation. The vulnerability of similar buildings to earthquake damage may prove radically different.

Interactive Resources offers experienced independent seismic risk analyses to assist our clients with financial investments. We assess the risk associated with individual buildings and investment portfolios, and assist with decisions about investments, insurance, and financing. Our services can include analysis of seismic risk and estimation of Probable Maximum Losses (PMLs). As appropriate, our services can be extended to include cost estimating, complete design services for measures recommended to reduce seismic and other risks, benefit/cost analysis, and construction services.

Representative Projects


Audiffred Building - Seismic Evaluation & Upgrade; San Francisco,CA
Nystrom Modernization and Expansion - Nystrom Elementary School; Richmond,CA
Program Development Study - 50 United Nations Plaza Federal Building; San Francisco,CA
Scholar Rock Seismic Analysis & Anchorage Design - New Asian Garden at Asian Art Museum; San Francisco,CA
Soft-Story - Seismic Evaluations; Berkeley,CA
Sequoia Apartments - Seismic Upgrade; Redwood City,CA
Chabot Community Day School Campus - Structural Survey & Shade Structures; Oakland,CA
Seismic Retrofit & Emergency Repairs - Mirasol Condominiums; San Francisco,CA
201 West Richmond - Historic Restoration; Point Richmond,CA
Seismic Analysis & Retrofit - Cambria Apartments; Sunnyvale,CA
Jolly Giant Dining Commons, CSU Humboldt - Seismic Renovation; Arcata,CA
East Gymnasium, CSU Humboldt - Seismic Evaluation & Upgrade; Arcata,CA
Candlestick Park - Structural Investigation and Repair; San Francisco,CA
Maclise Drugstore Building - Seismic Retrofit; Oakland,CA
617 Mission Street - Post-Earthquake Evaluation and Rehabilitation; San Francisco,CA
Zeneca Building 81 - Seismic Retrofit and Accessibility Upgrades; Richmond,CA
Zeneca Building 196 - Seismic Retrofit and Accessibility Upgrades; Richmond,CA
Humanities Building - Diablo Valley College; Pleasant Hill,CA
Veneer & Precast Panel Failure Report - Frank Hagel Federal Building; Richmond,CA
One and Two Embarcadero Centers, Old Federal Reserve Bank Building - Building Evaluations and Seismic Risk Assessments; San Francisco,CA
Benicia Clock Tower - Historic Restoration; Benicia,CA
Harbor Point Apartments - Building Evaluation and Seismic Assessment; Mill Valley,CA
Gerlach Building - Seismic Upgrade; Point Richmond,CA
Richmond Swim Center - Roof Structure; Richmond,CA
Emergency Operations Centers - Seismic Evaluations and Risk Analysis; Richmond,CA
Napa Post Offices - 3 Locations - Post-Earthquake Structural Review & Repair; Napa,CA
U.S. Postal Service Renovation Projects - Four Open-Ended A-E Services Contracts; Various Locations,CA
Woldrich Residence - Structural Design and Seismic Strengthening; Novato,CA
Davis-Woodbridge Residence - Structural Design; Berkeley,CA
Central Pool Hall - Historic Preservation; Point Richmond,CA
Building 18 Seismic & Accessibility Upgrade - College of San Mateo; San Mateo,CA
Building 6 Seismic Upgrade - San Mateo Community College District; San Mateo,CA
Richmond Ford Motor Co. Plant Evaluation & Analysis - City of Richmond; Richmond,CA
550 California Street & 635 Sacramento Street - Construction Review and Seismic Survey; San Francisco,CA
CIGNA Capital Advisors - Seismic Risk Analyses; Various Locations,US
118-120 Oak Street - Structural and Seismic Upgrade; Brentwood,CA
Observation Booth, CSU Humboldt - Structural & Seismic Upgrade; Arcata,CA
Jolly Giant Pedestrian Bridges, CSU Humboldt - Seismic Evaluation and Upgrade; Arcata,CA
East Gymnasium, CSU Humboldt - Seismic Evaluation and Upgrade; Arcata,CA
West Gymnasium, CSU Humbolt - Seismic Evaluation; Arcata,CA
West Bleachers, CSU Humboldt - Seismic Evaluation; Arcata,CA
East Bleachers, CSU Humboldt - Repair and Seismic Upgrade; Arcata,CA
Forbes Field House, CSU Humboldt - Structural and Seismic Upgrade; Arcata,CA
Arts and Industry Building, San Francisco State University - Seismic Evaluation & Upgrade; San Francisco,CA