Franchise Tax Board Forensic Investigation

Franchise Tax Board Forensic Investigation

Sacramento, California

Forensic Investigation / Waterproofing

Project Type: Office

As part of an IDIQ contract for forensic architecture and engineering services for the State of California, DGS, Interactive Resources conducted a forensic investigation of ongoing water intrusion at two locations on the Franchise Tax Board campus. The water intrusion was apparent on the fourth floor of the Sacramento Building and on the third floor of the San Francisco building.

As part of the investigation, the gypsum board ceilings of both locations were removed as were portions of the roof-to-wall flashings in order to observe the actual construction. Water testing was conducted at the Sacramento building leak location. Through observation and water testing, it was confirmed that a gap in the continuity of the wall water resistive barrier and the metal roof underlayment was the primary cause of the leaks. Failed parapet coping sealant joints on the Sacramento building also provided an unplanned source of water entry to the space between the brick veneer and the water resistive barrier. We provided a forensic study report that included our recommendations for repairs and cost estimates.