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BART – Water Intrusion Investigation

Oakland, San Francisco, Pleasant Hill and Richmond, CA



Michael T. Tran
Thomas K. Butt

Beginning in 2007, Interactive Resources was retained as part of a team composed of Jacobs Engineering, BART staff and consultants to quantify, categorize, strategize and conduct field investigations for water penetration of both building envelopes and underground structures throughout the BART system. Interactive Resources was brought in as a member of the team because of extensive experience in building envelope diagnostics and repair, particularly with respect to water intrusion and water damage.

The BART system had been experiencing progressive leakage of external water in stations, tunnels, cuts and the Trans-bay Tube. The physical state of original waterproofing systems is largely unknown as is the existing and potential damage of structures due to corrosion.

Working with BART staff and Jacobs, Interactive Resources, we were tasked with evaluating system-wide leaks and preparing a long-term plan for mitigation. As part of the project, Interactive Resources provided hands-on diagnostics for several types of leaks at three stations – Powell Street, Pleasant Hill and Richmond, California.

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