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Early Learning Center – Contra Costa College

San Pablo, California

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Contra Costa Community College District

George Y. Namkung
Michael T. Tran


Krama Inc.


When Contra Costa College decided to establish an Early Learning Center and childcare facility for its students and faculty, they selected Interactive Resources to design their facility, because of their extensive expertise in educational projects. Our combined vision was to design this facility to meet the developmental, physical, and ergonomic needs of the children and adult students and faculty.

Center amenities include interior and exterior play areas, crib and sleep areas, children’s storage “cubbies”, child-scale toilet rooms, diaper changing and dressing areas, wash and prep areas; baby bottle and food storage, classrooms, lab and auxiliary support spaces. Designed to foster a healthy, nurturing and safe environment, the facility features two vegetable gardens and a complete children’s kitchen, where the children learn to prepare snacks. Security was another top priority; in response, we developed a protective design, incorporating features such as open views of activity areas, gates, and fences; safe and easy drop-off and pick-up of children; direct classroom access to exterior play areas; and ADA-compliant parking.

Outdoor play areas include a tunnel, basketball court, gently sloping lawn areas, ground surfaces with different textures, outside sinks, and an exterior canopy to provide protection from the weather. Special consideration was given to providing an accessible route to the building which is located on a hillside, and to providing a safe building in a seismically active area. Beautifully landscaped grounds and carefully designed play areas enhance the views of San Pablo Bay.

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