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City of Fremont, Citywide Park Restrooms

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City of Fremont

Andrew Butt
Carolina Mindiola
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Salas O’Brien, CSW/Stuber Stroeh Engineering (CSW|ST2), and Silva Cost Consulting

Interactive Resources, Inc. is providing architectural and engineering services for several park restroom remodel projects for the City of Fremont. Several existing restrooms are being replaced with prefabricated restrooms that include an accessory storage from Public Restroom Company. Each restroom will have a new freestanding drinking fountain. Site improvements include new paving, new trees, and parking, signage, and ramps to conform with ADA standards. The restroom design utilizes natural ventilation and is easily maintained with non-absorbent concrete floors and concrete block walls.

The existing electrical switchgear are being relocated with a new pad and enclosure next to an existing transformer at the Tennis Center restrooms. Main sewer lines are being replaced as needed. Domestic Water pumps are being replaced at Babbling Brook and Soccer Complex restrooms. The new restrooms include Central Park Tennis Center Restrooms; Central Park Lions Picnic Restrooms; Central Park Babbling Brook Restrooms; and Central Par Soccer Complex Restrooms.

By using a prefabricated restroom option, the Client is able to save money, shorten the construction time and reduce the park functioning disruption during construction.

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