<Faria House Historic Rehabilitation

Faria House Historic Rehabilitation

Pinole, California


City of Pinole

Charles Duncan
George Y. Namkung
Paul Westermann
Sabrina Richter

One of the City of Pinole’s oldest structures, the Faria House was built by James Tennent, son of Pinole pioneering resident and founder Dr. Samuel Tennent, circa 1880. It was sold to Joseph and Maria Nunes Faria in 1912. The Faria family also played a prominent role in the development of the City of Pinole, and lived in the home for three generations. In 2005, the home, now designated as a historic landmark, was re-located to 2100 San Pablo Avenue in the City of Pinole’s Historic District.

Interactive Resources was retained by the City of Pinole to design the interior rehabilitation of the Faria House for use as a historical museum to be operated by the Pinole Historical Society. The project design includes: the rehabilitation of all interior surfaces appropriate for museum use; new forced air heating system and gas fired fireplace; new lighting and electrical systems; new IT / communications wiring; security and fire protection systems; new ADA accessible toilet rooms; kitchen modifications; and an elevator. The project is awaiting approvals to go into construction.

Photo Credit: Pinole Historical Society – The History Museum will enhance the preservation and collection of artifacts that represent Pinole history and culture.
CC By ND – Museum exhibits and research opportunities will educate and inspire Pinole residents’ community affiliation and civic pride.

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