<Foothill Transit District – Covina Transit Center Park & Ride Solar Carport

Solar Array / Structural Engineering

Foothill Transit District – Covina Transit Center Park & Ride Solar Carport

Covina, California

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Sunterra Solar

Justin Kelly
Michael T. Tran
Paul Westermann

Interactive Resources was retained by Sunterra Solar to provide structural engineering services for a new solar canopy to be located atop the new parking garage facilities at the Covina Transit Center Park and Ride located in Covina, California. Structural engineering services were provided to determine the vertical gravity loads (dead and live), wind loads and seismic loads on the structural framing for a T configuration array and a true offset cantilever solar configuration. All loads were determined in accordance with the provision of the 2016 California Building Code (CBC) and ASCE 7- 10. Structural calculations were prepared to design the structural framing system complete, including the module to supporting rails, supporting structural steel beams and vertical steel columns and all connections, except the steel column base plate and the connection to concrete garage columns. We provided a summary of the support reactions between the steel columns and the top of the concrete columns for use by the parking garage SEOR in designing the cap of the column to which the array is attached.

Construction Documents included specifications for the structural steel and cold-formed steel framing members, structural testing and inspection requirements and design criteria used to design the racking. Construction Documents were prepared showing the framing plans, sections and details necessary to obtain a Building Permit. Interactive Resources also provided services to review and respond to comments from the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

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