<Frank Hagel Federal Building – Emergency Control Center & Security Upgrades

Architectural Design / Security Design

Frank Hagel Federal Building – Emergency Control Center & Security Upgrades

Richmond, California


General Services Administration

Allan Whitecar, Jr.
George Y. Namkung
Jamie Brown
Michael T. Tran


Abide International

Brokaw, Facility Engineering Assoc., HYT Corporation, Security By Design, Silva Cost Consulting

Interactive Resources provided architectural and engineering services for the emergency control center renovation and upgrades to the perimeter/interior access door security and cameras (CCTVs) for the Social Security Administration located at the Frank Hagel Federal Building in Richmond, California.

The scope of work included the conceptual design, schematic design, construction documents, cost estimates and construction management services (PCCS). The design included: a credentialing office and secure conference room on the first floor; locker space expansion; male and female toilet facilities; an expanded locker room; a gun safe; a conference/ready room; new stand-alone HVAC; reconfiguration of CCTV and other control equipment; new ceiling, lights, floors paint and shelving.

We also installed new coduit, wire and door contact devices. All interior doors receiving access controls were replaced/retrofitted with access controls including conduit, wire, contact devices and hardware. New CCTV were installed to provide coverage of entire facility perimeter, as well as interior parking lot areas, and child play area with IP cameras connected to Lenel Skypoint.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) was used on this project.


“Given what I know today about the contractor’s ability to perform in accordance with this Task Order’s most significant requirements, I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future. Interactive Resources were able and successful with coordinating with various sub-consultants, and the GSA-SSA Project Team. The client agency and GSA were pleased with IR’s performance.”
— Nikolaos Mitsiopoulos, GSA

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