<Gage & Lime Kiln GeoPro Ground-Mount Solar Array

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Gage & Lime Kiln GeoPro Ground-Mount Solar Array

Sheffield, Massachusetts



Paul Westermann

SunLink Corporation has retained Interactive Resources to provide structural engineering services for dozens of projects in multiple states, including ground-mounted solar arrays for clients located at Gage and Lime Kiln sites in Sheffield, Massachusetts. Structural engineering services included the review of SunLink’s racking calculations and driven pole/helical pile foundation designs, plans and detail sheets for the ground mounted solar arrays, and the issuance of a stamped and signed review cover letter for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts indicating that the design meets the provisions of ASCE 7-10 and the Massachusetts Building Code.

The 647 kW Lime Kiln Solar Array is located at 49 Lime Kiln Road and the 324 kW Gage Solar Array is located at 1339 North Main Street in Sheffield, Massachusetts.

Photo courtesy of SunLink.

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