<Port of LA, Berth 93 Solar Array

Solar Array / Structural Engineering

Port of LA, Berth 93 Solar Array

San Pedro, California


Cupertino Electric Inc.

Paul Westermann

Interactive Resources was retained by Cupertino Electric to provide structural engineering design services for this 1 Megawatt (MW) solar photovoltaic (PV) system at Berths 93A and B of the Port of Los Angeles’ World Cruise Ship Terminal in Southern California. The 71,500 square-foot solar PV system contains high-efficiency crystalline modules and utilizes a self-ballasted racking system that does not penetrate the terminal’s roof. The solar project is part of the City of Los Angeles’ “Solar LA Program,” one of the world’s largest solar power projects undertaken by a single city. Over its lifetime, the solar system will reduce the Port’s carbon footprint by nearly 22,838 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

Interactive Resources performed structural engineering design services, which included preparation of structural calculations, as necessary to verify that the local framing of the existing structure could support the proposed array, and preparation of structural calculations for the anchorage of, and foundation support for the roof mounted array. The design portion also included preparation of structural drawings showing the location and details for the inverter pad and anchorage, and prepared structural calculations to verify the existing framing for the solar array load. Responded to code enforcement agency comments.

Photos courtesy of Cupertino Electric.

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