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Hawthorne Federal Building Roof Design

Lawndale, California


The Hawthorne Federal Building is a 55,000 sf six-story building located at 15000 Aviation Boulevard in Lawndale, California and the Federal Aviation Administration’s West Coast Headquarters is the major tenant agency. The building was originally designed by Cesar Pelli and Anthony Lumsden of Daniel Mann Johnson & Mendenhall (DMJM).

The existing built-up roofing system was prone to unrepairable leaks and had exceeded its useful lifespan, and Interactive Resources was selected to provide design services for a new cool roof. The cool roof was designed with single ply Burke CSPE (Hypalon) rubber, chosen for its durability and resistance to ponding. Thermal resistance and drainage were improved significantly by the addition of tapered polyiso insulation. The scope of services included existing roof demolition, asbestos abatement, and a new cool roof for the entire 6th floor, penthouse, cafeteria, warehouse and childcare roof systems.


“Interactive Resources was very good with their overall service, and at responding to request for information and submittal reviews. They were also very good with submitting accurate, well-coordinated and detailed plans and specs, and they also had a very good rating with their project management and adherence to costs and schedules, as well as their quality control procedures.”

—Henry Huynh, Contracting Officer, U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)

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