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Ramal Winery Solar Array

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Interactive Resources was retained by the Solon Corporation, a provider of large commercial and utility-scale photovoltaic system solutions, to review the SOLQuick Ballast Design Report for the combination ballasted and anchored arrays at Ramal Winery located at 27000 Ramal Road in Sonoma, California. Our  survey consisted of an independent engineering review of the findings in the report.

Our analysis of the roof-mounted arrays confirmed that the ballast requirements shown substantially met the provisions of ASCE 7-05. Our review was limited to the design of the ballast and penetration connectors where used for wind and seismic loads. In addition, we provided supplemental structural engineering services to evaluate the existing framing, including the review of the existing “as-built” plans; preparing structural calculations to check framing to support vertical array loads including ballast; to check if the array plus ballast is below maximum allowable load increase of 10% mass at the roof level; and to prepare a review letter summarizing the results of our analysis. The project team consisted of Solon, Sunworks and Interactive Resources. The array is a 280 kW roof-mounted solar PV system.

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