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University of California, Berkeley

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Interactive Resources has provided design services for a wide array of projects for the University of California, Berkeley over the course of the last two decades. Services performed include architectural design, seismic analysis/retrofits, mechanical and electrical (MEP) upgrades, forensic investigations, historic preservation, roof assessments and replacements, ADA accessibility, envelope upgrades, fire/life safety upgrades, building demolitions. Below is a list of representative projects.

• Clark Kerr Campus Demolition
• CRP20 Substation 1 and 2 Electrical Vault Water Intrusion Investigation/Remediation
• CRP20 Substation 1 Gate and Fence
• CRP19 Substation 5 Replacement
• Cleary Hall Water Intrusion Investigation/Repair
• Women’s Faculty Club Roof Replacement
• University Hall Envelope Improvements
• Life Sciences – CRP14 Emergency Roof Repairs
• CRP19 Life Sciences, 5th and 6th Floor Plumbing Investigation
• CRP18 Davis Hall Louver Study and Repair Design
• Weill Hall Sanitary Sewer Investigation/Repair
• Senior Hall Roof Assessment/Replacement
• Senior Hall Wheelchair Ramp Reconfiguration
• Tolman Hall Demolition
• Calvin Hall Framing Review and Seismic Upgrades
• Calvin Hall Refrigeration Equipment Seismic Bracing
• Cory Hall Roof Design
• Birge Hall Structural Design for Mechanical and Electrical Upgrades
• Birge Hall B1 and B2 Labs Isolation Transformers Structural Design
• Richmond Field Station Book Storage Cooling System Structural Investigation
• Retaining Wall Structural Evaluation and Upgrade
• McCone Hall ADA Upgrades
• Structural Anchorage for Chiller
• Spieker Pool and Storage Repair
• West Campus Entry
• Resident Unit 3, Central Building Cooling Tower Upgrade
• Stern Hall Structural Framing Review
• Cleary Hall Forensic Investigation
• Zellerbach Hall OSHA Safety Review, Design and Cost Estimate
• Cellulose Nitrate Storage Seismic Design
• Richmond Field Station Wind Turbine Winch Foundation Support
• Richmond Field Station, Buildings 178 and 185 Roof and Structural Assessment
• Lawrence Hall of Science Slab Structural Evaluation


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