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Merritt on 3rd Window Glazing

Oakland, California


KW Properties Group

Allan Whitecar, Jr.
Jamie Brown
Justin Kelly
Masoomeh Sharifi-Soofiani
Michael T. Tran
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Pinnacle Installations

Interactive Resources was retained by Kennedy Wilson Properties to evaluate the exterior windows and make recommendations for the replacement of new window systems that have improved acoustical performance and water resistance. The building is an 18 story building that was constructed in 1973 and is an upscale apartment building that is just steps to Lake Merritt in Oakland, California. The first floor is a storefront system.

The project initially started with an evaluation that included frame options, glazing options, performance and operation options. After Kenney Wilson selected their option, construction documents, technical specifications and cost estimates were provided by Interactive Resources.


“Interactive Resources (IR) developed a very comprehensive window replacement specification and permit/bid documents and drawings. IR’s assistance with permit procurement was completed in a timely fashion. IR thoroughly researched window product alternatives as initial general contractor bid pricing came in well above project budget. IR’s assistance during value engineering process was invaluable as final project pricing and schedule was within project budget. The final window replacement project exceeded Kennedy Wilson’s expectations. Kennedy Wilson continues to retain services of IR across many other project sites with similar exceptional results.”

—Ken Kuropatkin, Kennedy Wilson Properties Group (retired)

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