Historic Preservation

Interactive Resources has a long and successful practice of providing historic preservation services. We have designed and overseen the construction of hundreds of historic projects completed in compliance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and employing the California Historical Building Code. These projects range from complete restorations and rehabilitations to compatible additions and reconstructions. We are well versed in investigating existing conditions, material and envelope failures, and accessibility and code compliance, and have an excellent record in finding creative and historically sensitive solutions to building deficiencies.

Additionally, we are well known for our expertise in all issues regarding historic evaluations for compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act. Our firm has extensive experience with archaic material remediation and restoration. In historic projects, we look to restore materials where possible, and if alternative means are required we investigate the appropriateness of replacement in-kind versus the introduction of substitute material. Our approach is to use the gentlest means possible to restore building functionality properly while maintaining its historical significance and integrity. Our historic preservation services include:


  • Historic building rehabilitations/restorations
  • Historic context statements
  • Building and site condition surveys
  • Historic resources evaluations and surveys
  • Materials conservation analysis
  • Programming and development studies
  • Historic structures reports
  • Historic American Building Surveys Documentation
  • State and National Register nominations
  • National Landmark nominations
  • Contract documents for preservation
  • Tax credit documentation
  • Section 106 documentation

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