Cannabis Facility Design:

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Our Projects:

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Expansive New High Tech Cannabis Grow Facilities as a Trend

Brant Fetter, AIA
New High Tech Cannabis Grow Facility, Richmond, CA, light industrial, Architectural Design, structural engineering services

Attribution-NoDerivs CC BY ND

A modern cannabis facility design that combines the best of the new generation of growers and highly experienced architects. Read More

Cannabis Facility Design

Christina Zirker


Interactive Resources was an early entrant into and is a leading provider of architectural and engineering services for the cannabis industry. Our firm’s specialization in this sector has deepened with the legalization of recreational marijuana in California, and we are involved in projects for large and small indoor cultivation activities, large-scale greenhouse projects, industrial-scale grow facilities, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, dispensaries, and processing facilities. Read More

When Arts Education and Architecture Intersect

Andrew Butt
626 Quinan Street Historic Building Exterior


It is especially rewarding when a project leads to a lasting collaboration. In 2014, Interactive Resources provided schematic design, planning, design development and entitlements for a historic home project at 656 Quinan Street in Pinole, which involved raising an Italianate-style cottage constructed circa 1900 in order to provide office space below the residence. Today, the ground level is home to The Quinan Street Project (QSP), a nonprofit organization that provides visual and performing arts education to children in Contra Costa County and to public elementary schools in the West Contra Costa Unified School District. Read More

DGS, FMD Bay & Northern Area Architectural Retainer Services

Interactive Resources
We are happy to announce that State of California, Department of General Services (DGS), Facilities Management Division (FMD) selected Interactive Resources to provide architectural and engineering services for the Bay and Northern California regions. The FMD is comprised of the former Building and Property Management Branch and the Direct Construction Unit. FMD is tasked with ensuring the ongoing maintenance and management of several state-owned buildings. Read More