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What it Means to be a Green Business: “People. Planet. Profit.”

For Interactive Resources, being a green business means providing architectural design, structural engineering and planning services with a focus on green building principles and strategies. We are committed to green business practices that protect our environment, create energy-efficient, sustainable design solutions for our clients and provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees. Read More

Dumbarton Quarry Regional Recreation Area to Open in 2019, Featuring New Maintenance Facility Designed by Interactive Resources

Dumbarton Quarry Regional Recreation Area CC BY ND

Interactive Resources was recently awarded a contract to provide architectural design and engineering services for the East Bay Regional Park District’s (EBRPD) maintenance facility at the planned Dumbarton Quarry Regional Recreation Area, to open in Fremont, CA in 2019. The project consists of the design for a new building and related site improvements for the proposed maintenance facility at 9600 Quarry Road. Read More

Environmentally Certified Wood Products

Forest Stewardship Council

Forest Stewardship Council CC-ND

The Forest Stewardship Council (an independent, non-profit, non-government organization) was created as an international accrediting organization to ensure public credibility and rigorous standards of forest product labels in the marketplace. Without the FSC to evaluate and monitor certifiers, product claims about forest management would eventually lead to a loss of public credibility and trust in the reliability of forest product certification. Read More

Local Government Takes Aim at Invasive Exotic Plants

The threats posed by Invasive exotic plants are becoming a mainstream issue with billion dollar economic implications for agriculture adding to traditional ecosystem preservation concerns. Read More