Delta Diablo Plant Operations & Treatment Plant Roof Replacement, Antioch, California

Aug 1, 2017

Interactive Resources is very happy to announce a recent award from the Delta Diablo (Delta Diablo Sanitation District) for the Plant Operations Center and Treatment Plant roof replacement. Delta Diablo provides water resource recovery services for the Cities of Antioch, Pittsburg, and the unincorporated community of Bay Point, serving a population of nearly 200,000. The water resource recovery services consist of conventional treatment of wastewater, recycled water production and distribution, pollution prevention, energy recovery, beneficial reuse of biosolids, street sweeping, and household hazardous waste collection.

Edward has managed dozens of larger roof replacement projects. In addition, team member Technical Roof Services will be assisting us with this project. The project is starting in August 2017.

Treatment Plant, CC BY ND

Delta Diablo Roof Replacement, Plant Operations Building, Interactive Resources

Plant Operations Center, CC BY ND


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