Sonoma County, Department of Emergency Management, Community Emergency Resilience Sites

The County of Sonoma requires the construction of three Community Emergency Resilience Sites (CERS) at separate locations to support long-term disaster resilience. The operational support facilities will support dynamic community-level disaster response for the Sonoma Operational Area and serve as energy resilient community coordinating centers. As part of Interactive Resources’ on-call architectural and engineering services contract, the County retained Interactive Resources to provide conceptual design for the three sites during Phase 1. Phase 2 includes construction documents for the Design-build team.

The CERSs are designed as prefabricated metal buildings on permanent foundations that are approximately 2,300 square feet. Each CERS includes two vehicle bays with a roll up door, office, storage and storage mezzanine, unisex restroom and electric lighting. Renewable energy is being considered. These CERSs will be used to pre-stage disaster relief supplies and equipment to support community needs. Depending on its location, each facility may support any combination of the following potential missions:

•  Community resident resource, information or electrical device charging center
•  Emergency incident management support (Incident Command Post, responder rehabilitation)
•  Temporary Evacuation Assembly Point
•  PSPS Community Resource Center
•  Emergency congregate shelter augmentation
•  Emergency animal shelter
•  Cybersecurity / business continuity resource sites
•  Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) staging/support
•  High-value, strategic asset storage/maintenance (ex. mobile auxiliary antenna trailer)
•  Community wireless broadband access