825 Alfred Nobel Tenant Improvement and Waterproofing

Sep 8, 2017

Interactive Resources performed a complete renovation of a bio-pharmaceutical manufacturer’s office facility at 825 Alfred Nobel Drive in Hercules, California. Our architects remodeled the existing office space and weatherproofed the exterior of the building. The interior remodel created flexible open office areas with supervisor offices, small conference rooms and break-out meeting areas arranged to maximize opportunities for collaboration. A new kitchen area/lunch room, seven new conference rooms and toilet rooms were also remodeled. Workstation configurations were varied to provide flexibility for multiple user groups as needs change over time. Small spaces not suitable for workstation furniture were utilized for break-out areas, and distributed throughout the office area to allow for spontaneous collaboration.

Perimeter offices were designed with interior windows to create a visual connection between interior and exterior and allow borrowed light to pass. The ceiling was raised over the open office area to accommodate suspended direct/indirect lighting and create a more open atmosphere. Additional lighting was created by using roller shades that allow a certain amount of light to penetrate deep into the space while blocking unwanted glare. Energy Efficient mechanical systems were installed and environmentally-friendly architectural finishes were used throughout.

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