AC Transit General Office Weatherization & Roof Repairs

Sep 8, 2017

The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) selected Interactive Resources to provide comprehensive architectural and engineering services for the weatherization of its General Offices in Oakland, which suffered from water leaks and related damages, and for the replacement of a metal roof at the Mack Facility in Hayward.  For the weatherization of the General Office facility, we prepared construction documents for design repairs and upgrades to stop water intrusion and to improve performance. Systems included curtain walls, roofs, decks, entrances, plazas and mechanical equipment. The scope of work encompassed repair and resealing of windows and granite cladding, alterations to storefront entrances, roofing and deck finish upgrades, new parapet copings, replacement mechanical equipment and removal of obsolete mechanical equipment.

For AC Transit’s Mack Facility, we produced construction documents to replace the roof, install new raised skylights, remove the parapet obstructing proper roof drainage, and to replace non serviceable equipment with new, energy-efficient units. Both projects extended the useful life of the facilities, prevented further deterioration of the building envelopes and moisture penetration of the interiors, reduced ongoing maintenance costs, and provided energy savings.

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