Frank Hagel Federal Building Plaza – Plaza Water Intrusion and Repair Design

Sep 8, 2017

The Frank J. Hagel Federal Building is a six-story structure with a below-grade basement, a low-slope roof and exterior plazas. The Social Security Administration (SSA) is the main tenant of the building and suffered from ongoing water intrusion into the basement from the plaza above. Interactive Resources was retained by the General Services Administration to investigate and report on the feasibility of repairing the leaks.

Our feasibility study, based on site visits/inspections, testing and review of existing documentation, determined that the cause of water intrusion was the pervasive failure of the Plaza waterproofing membrane. We prepared a final report that included a summary of our findings and estimated replacement costs based on various paving systems for the replacement of the West, East, North and South plazas. Schematic design, construction documents and cost estimates were prepared for the repairs.

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